About us  We   first   started   animal   rescue   30   years   ago   and   have   been   vegans   for   the   same   number   of years.   Our   Shelter   operates   from   our   home   and   we   handle   a   mixture   of   animals   numbering 500-600   per   year;   and   we   have   a   no-kill   policy   at   our   Shelter   ―unless   the   quality   of   life   has gone.   Our   Shelter   has   been   placed   first   for   six   awards.   Pet   Plan/Cats   Magazine   voted   us   Best   Cat Rescue   Shelter   in   the   U.K.   five   times   winner   of   Luton   in   Bloom   Floral   Display   (Business Premises)   and   the   High   Sheriff   of   Bedfordshire   presented   us   with   the   Good   Citizenship   award for   the   service   we   give   to   senior   citizens   and   the   help   we   give   to   them   with   their   companion animals with tasks that they are unable to do by themselves.   Apart   from   the   animals   that   are   in   for   re-homing,   we   have   on   average,   at   any   one   time,   40   to 50   residential   infirm   animals,   mainly   cats   and   dogs.   These   live   the   rest   of   their   days   at   the Shelter,   as   they   are   unsuitable   for   re-homing   for   various   age   and   health   reasons. They   live   as part   of   our   family   at   the   Shelter.   Apart   from   minor   squabbles,   there   have   never   been   any major problems.     Donations,   legacies   and   standing   orders   are   the   lifeblood   of   the   Shelter.   Resident   animals   at the   Shelter   can   be   sponsored   for   what   ever   donation   can be   afforded,   bearing   in   mind   that   the      sponsored   animal chosen,    may    have    a    shorter    than    normal    life,    having been   previously   neglected   or   cruelly   treated   but   while   at the Shelter they are cuddled, loved and respected.  We   hope   you   enjoy   your   visit   to   this   site   and   use   the   link to follow us on our new facebook venture.   
Voted Best Cat Rescue Shelter In Britain by Pet Plan/Cats Magazine Five times winner - Luton In Bloom Good Citizenship Award from The High Sheriff of Bedfordshire
Pete and Maggie Morrison founders and trustees ANIMALS AT RISK SHELTER 341 ASHCROFT ROAD LUTON BEDS LU2 9AE Registered Charity Number 1044094 www.animalsatriskshelter.org help@animalsatriskshelter.org Phone/Fax  01582 728853 Patron: David Essex OBE Pete & Maggie
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Wetnose Lifetime Achievement Award Presented At The House Of Lords